Family and Personal Photography



In regards to family and personal photography we offer Family or Personal Photowalks whichever suits you the best.

As the photowalk takes place outdoors we will agree on and employ the full spectrum of your favorite landmarks near to your location – rivers, parks, playgrounds, etc.  It can be active and playful or quiet and thoughtful – depending on presence/number of children, weather, or simply your mood! It is up to you.

It is very important to decide when and where we are going to have the shoot. If you are short on time and prefer to have a short session on the way to/from work or even during lunch-time, then we have to think about interesting spots rather close to your usual daily journey. We will have to take into account the weather, available light, how crowded the location is, and so on.

Time-wise I would recommend taking a 2 hours session for family photowalk with 1-2 children (it can also include pets). If you don’t have children, you can use shorter session without rushing.


Location Portrait

We offer Family  or Personal Location Portraits depending on your preference.

When you prefer a session at one spot, rather than walking around, we can utilize location portrait session. This is about you looking good and natural. We will make pictures in the environment you are comfortable and relaxed just for you or for the whole family. The shoot can take place anywhere you like – your home, your garden, favorite park bench, or even a shopping mall if you wish. The focus is on your face, your family image and your life. All what you really need to do is simple: stay where you are, feel good about it, and be yourself. I will probably ask you to pose for a second, especially when you have children running around, just so that we catch a better light or an angle. We are located in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and there are a lot of beautiful spots for any taste. We can travel as well, if necessary.



We offer Family  or Personal Studio Portrait Sessions depending on your preference.
Studio photography probably is not as inventive as “location portrait photography” or “Photowalks”, but it offers completely controlled technical side of the process. We can experiment with light, colour & style – up to your taste and spirit.

My Home Studio setup will help us to create your photograph at the best professional quality, as this type of shooting produces the best technical results. All necessary studio equipment is ready and waiting in my home in Westbury. It is a small studio, but all what we need for modern photography is there: the light-boxes, lights, various backdrops, reflectors etc. We also can help with advice or give you a hand with the makeup. In case you prefer bigger studio we can hire one.

My Moving Studio is a good option for you, if you do not want to travel to Westbury or prefer to have photo session at the place of your choice. Most of my studio equipment is portable and I can bring it to your house or office. All I would need is some 2-3 metres of available space and about 30 minutes to assemble all bits & pieces.


What do you get and Prices

What do you get. Independently of the type of photoshoot in about 2 week’s time you will be able to look at the pictures on the secure online gallery at my website for final proof. Once you are happy with set of pictures you will get them on CD ready for print or web.

For 1 hour session you will receive at least 10-30 (photowalks 20-40) edited images on CD and 5 printed pictures 5x7in format. You will be able to order additional prints for a little extra charge. You can choose a range of other photographic products as well – BLURB Photobooks, canvases, acrylic blocks, framed pictures etc.

Prices . The cost of one hour session is 100 pounds, 2 hours – 170 pounds.

You can see prices for all types of our service in one table PRICES
I am ready to discuss any particular needs and ideas about the shoot so do not hesitate to Contact me if you are in doubts.